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McEvoy & Farmer LLC is managed by Carl McEvoy and specializes in market research for in-vitro diagnostics done in the clinical laboratory. Michael Farmer manages McEvoy & Farmer-Pathology that focuses on anatomic pathology market research. Click here to enter the McEvoy & Farmer-Pathology website.

McEvoy & Farmer has been reporting on the IVD testing in emerging markets since 1986. McEvoy & Farmer is a specialist company, focusing entirely on the market for clinical laboratory products in the world's most exciting countries. Our specialty is the emerging markets of Asia and Latin America. These are countries where the IVD markets have been growing between 10% and 20% per year, where hospitals are being built, and where better health care is constantly being called for by more and more of the population.

McEvoy & Farmer News

9/7/2015 - McEvoy & Farmer is proud to announce the publication of our newest report on China’s IVD market. This is the tenth study we have done since 1995, so it appears that this is our 20th anniversary edition!

The market continues to be strong, even with the slight slowing of China’s economy or the very modest recent devaluation of the yuan. Our report profiles 51 international manufacturers with offices in China, 161 domestic IVD manufacturers and 23 local distributors. We have expanded our sales estimates to more companies and discuss the dynamics of local vs. imported products.

4/2/2015 - McEvoy & Farmer is pleased to announce the publication of our eighth study of Mexico’s IVD market. We started reporting on Mexico in 1996 when the market was only around US$140 million. Today it is worth $470 million and will break through the half-billion dollar figure over the next year or two. We expect to see continued growth in the market over that period.

7/1/2014 - McEvoy & Farmer is pleased to announce the publication of our eighth study of India's IVD market. We have been reporting on India since 1996 and are very optimistic about India right now. The market is valued at around $725 million (crore rupees 4,300) and growing at about 20%. Growth is coming from every possible source; increasing population, urbanization, better healthcare infrastructure, increasing public health spending from the government, the growth of private insurance and, of course, the general increase in prosperity. We see no reason that the Indian IVD market should not continue this growth rate for the foreseeable future.

3/1/2013 - McEvoy & Farmer is pleased to announce the publication of our ninth study of China's IVD market. We have been reporting on this market since 1995 and continue to be surprised at the continuous growth we see there. In 2013 China's IVD sales will top $5 billion and pass Japan to become the second largest IVD market in the world. And it will continue to grow at over 30%. Our 2013 report is the first to include sales and growth rate estimates for the 17 most important international firms and the 55 most important local manufacturers.

5/1/2012 - Brazil breaks through the billion dollar mark! Brazil's IVD market is now just over one billion US dollars. McEvoy & Farmer announces a new report on this market that will be published at the end of May 2012. Please contact us for pre-publication discount information.

5/1/2012 - Carl McEvoy will be speaking at the International Market Briefing on July 16 in Los Angeles, the day before the start of the AACC meeting. The subject will be: Mexico's IVD Market: Beyond the BRICs. Information here.

5/31/2011 - In May, McEvoy & Farmer announced the publication of our seventh study of India's diagnostic market. The local IVD market, like the rest of the Indian economy sailed through the recession without notice, continuing to grow at 16-18%. More international companies are setting up offices in India and those that are there are expanding their presence. We expect to see this same growth continue for the next two years.

11/30/2010 - Watch a recent interview with Carl McEvoy from the 2010 AACC meeting.

11/29/2010 - Welcome to the new Take a look around and let us know what you think!

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