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Our Qualifications

  • Since 1986, McEvoy & Farmer has been entirely focused on providing information on the in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) markets in developing countries to most of the world’s major diagnostic manufacturers.  We have written detailed reports on market sizes, market shares, pricing, testing volumes and the segmentation between the public and private sectors on 22 developing countries in Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe and Africa.  We have been observing new product introductions and measuring price-sensitivity in the IVD markets of developing countries for two decades. 

  • Our organizational capability is dramatically enhanced by the local networks we have created over the years.  These networks include consultants in the IVD industry whom we hire to help us with introductions and to provide insight into the dynamics of the local market, government officials with whom we meet to learn the perspective of the public sector, and all of the important local manufacturers and distributors in the industry. 

  • Our main products are country-specific, multi-client studies.  These analyze both the public and private uses of diagnostics by market segment as well as discussing important developments in product registration, insurance and the structure of laboratories in the country.  In addition to syndicated studies, McEvoy & Farmer also does custom work for individual companies in the IVD industry.

  • We supply information to a relatively small number of companies who are repeat customers.  We have succeeded in this market niche because we have been consistently satisfying the most sophisticated and demanding clients since 1986.

Some Background on our Firm

Our focus is on a single sector of the economy—the IVD marketplace.  Within that sector, our specialty is what some call the “rest of the world” or ROW; namely emerging markets such as China, India, Brazil, Mexico, Poland and South Africa. 

To date we have written reports on 26 countries. Of these, four are developed country markets (Japan, Australia, Singapore and Canada), while the remaining 22 are developing countries; the geography in which we specialize.  In the Americas, we have reported on the IVD industry in Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela.  In Asia, we produced reports on China, India, Pakistan, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia,  The Philippines and Vietnam.  In Europe our reports have included Poland, Hungary,  The Czech Republic, and Turkey; and in Africa, the Republic of South Africa.

Each study represents an average of six months of in-country work and is between 100 and 350 pages depending on country size and market complexity.  The studies segment the diagnostic market into three main testing sectors.  The analysis of each market sector shows the total value of the market and the market shares in both instruments and reagents for companies that have a significant share of the total.  The reports also profile all of the important commercial participants in the market – both dealers and manufacturers.

In addition to market data, our reports explore the relevant government policies that are important to IVD companies.  These include product registration, regulatory agencies, the developing or changing trends in government policy, as well as clarifying who pays for testing. We discuss how different funding sources (i.e., government, insurance, external/international donors, or individuals) influence testing and what we expect will change in the future. 

While two-thirds of our revenue comes from these syndicated studies, a third is derived from custom projects for specific individual clients.  These projects have included: 

  • Analyzing the impact of Asia’s 1997 currency crisis on the IVD market
  • Evaluating a local distributor in Turkey to help them determine whether they should be aquired by a major IVD firm
  • Performing a strategic review of a company's market strategy in China
  • Quantifying the allergy and autoimmune testing markets in Brazil
  • Investigating the degree of automation in blood-group testing in China
  • Assessing the partnering options for the manufacture of tests to detect cervical neoplasia in China
  • Examining why near-patient testing was only being adopted very slowly in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina

Our regular customers include all of the IVD manufacturers with annual sales of over $1b and the majority of those with annual sales of over $100m.  Given our single industry focus, and the relatively small number of companies that are potential clients for our work, we have prospered because our customers have been pleased with our work and continue to buy our products year after year.  Our major clients include: 

  • Abbott
  • Bayer (now Siemens)
  • BD (Becton-Dickinson)
  • Beckman Coulter
  • Bio-Rad
  • Dade Behring (now Siemens)
  • Hitachi
  • Olympus (now Beckman)
  • J&J
  • Roche
  • Sysmex



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